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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-P11
Exam Name: HP Integrity Entry-Level Server Technologies

What is the maximum amount of memory supported by an Integrity rx1620 equipped with a zx1 chipset and 1GB DIMMs?

A.    4
B.    8
C.    16
D.    32

Answer: B

Which statements explain the difference between the Itanium 2 9M and the mx2 processors? (Select two.)

A.    Itanium 2 9M offers higher clock frequencies.
B.    Itanium mx2 is the upgrade path from Itanium 2 9M.
C.    Itanium mx2 offers higher clock frequencies.
D.    Itanium mx2 offers more Level 3 cache.
E.    Itanium 2 9M offers more Level 3 cache.

Answer: AE

Which HP Virtualization and Automation Management solution configures and manages Virtual Server Environment elements?

A.    OpenView GlancePlus
B.    Virtualization Manager
C.    Global Workload Manager
D.    Capacity Advisor

Answer: B

Which statements are true about features of the zx1 chipset? (Select three.)

A.    It provides two frontside buses to connect Itanium CPUs.
B.    It increases the memory capacity with the zx1 SME chip.
C.    It decreases the memory latency with the zx1 SME chip.
D.    It uses the zx1 IOA chip to support PCI and PCI-X.
E.    It uses internal data buses between the I/O and memory controllers.

Answer: BDE

Which platforms support the HP Systems Insight Manager CMS? (Select three.)

A.    Windows
B.    OpenVMS
C.    Linux
D.    HP-UX
E.    Solaris 10
F.    True64

Answer: ACD

You are planning an rx6600 server solution. Which resources do you use to ensure that the maximum capabilities of the server system are not exceeded? (Select two.)

A.    HP Part Surfer
B.    HP Ordering and Configuration Guide
C.    HP Active Answers
D.    HP Product Bulletin
E.    HP Server Website

Answer: BD

Your customer is looking for an Integrity server with a minimum of two PCI-X slots supporting a transfer rate of 1GB/s. Which system should you recommend?

A.    rx1620
B.    rx3600
C.    rx2620
D.    rx4640

Answer: A

Which information is displayed on the System Configuration menu from the EFI Boot Manager menu on an Integrity rx3600 server?

A.    iLO version
B.    firmware version
C.    disk controller type
D.    system boot errors

Answer: B

How many internal drive bays are in an Integrity rx4640 server?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    5
E.    6

Answer: A

How many internal drive bays are in an Integrity rx2620 server?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    5
E.    6

Answer: B

Which resource is used to verify firmware and driver requirements for an HP I/O adapter?

A.    HP Storage Works sizing tool
B.    HP Technical Documentation website
C.    HP Part Surfer
D.    HP Product Bulletins page

Answer: B

Which HP offering provides service and support information on HP hardware products?

A.    HP Part Surfer
B.    HP Onsite Agent's Reference Set
C.    HP Product Bulletin
D.    HP Sales Builder for Windows

Answer: B

Which chipset is used in an Integrity rx2620 server?

A.    zx1
B.    zx2
C.    sx1000
D.    sx2000

Answer: A

What is the supported Virtual Server Environment (VSE) solution for Integrity rx2620 servers?

A.    hard partitions
B.    virtual partitions
C.    Global Workload Manager
D.    IgniteUX

Answer: C

Which type of internal storage is used in an Integrity rx2660 system?

A.    Serial ATA (SATA)
B.    Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
C.    Fibre Channel
D.    Ultra320

Answer: B

How are the resources of an Integrity system running HP-UX assigned within Process Resource Manager? (Select two.)

A.    based on the CPU priority
B.    based on applications assigned to a group
C.    based on the number of CPUs available
D.    based on the file /opt/wlm/bin/wlmpard
E.    based on processes owned by users

Answer: BE

What are features of the iLO 2 Advanced Pack? (Select two.)

A.    remote connections using HTTPS
B.    system reset and power control
C.    command line scripting interface for maintenance
D.    SSH capabilities
E.    virtual media

Answer: DE

Which statement is true about installing a PCI-X adapter into an rx2620 server?

A.    The rx2620 only accepts PCI-X 2.0 compatible adapters.
B.    The rx2620 accepts both PCI-X 1.0 and PCI-X 2.0 adapters.
C.    The rx2620 only accepts PCI-Express adapters.
D.    The rx2620 only accepts PCI-X 1.0 compatible adapters.

Answer: B

Which high availability features are available on an Integrity rx2620 server? (Select two.)

A.    N+1 hot-swap power and fans
B.    hot-plug PCI-Express slots
C.    online memory page deallocation
D.    hot-swap memory DIMMs
E.    support for RAID memory

Answer: AC

Which features does the Dual-core Itanium 2 processor offer that were not available in earlier Itanium processors?

A.    single core and single thread per core
B.    1.6GHz clock speed and single thread per core
C.    maximum 9MB Level 3 cache and single thread per core
D.    Intel Cache Safe Technology?and 1.6GHz clock speed

Answer: D

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